JsBot - A JavaScript IRC Bot Framework in Java

JsBot is an API for writing IRC bots using the JavaScript scripting language. It uses the Mozilla Foundation's Rhino JavaScript interpreter written in Java and the PircBot Java IRC API. The framework allows you to create an IRC bot in JavaScript quickly and easily with little fuss. Sound good to you... »

rbNarcissus - A JavaScript Parser ported to Ruby

rbNarcissus is a port of the Mozilla Foundation's Narcissus JavaScript parser written in Ruby. It currently only consists of a parser and does not interpret JavaScript. Turned on? Then follow along »

Avalanche BitTorrent Downloader for Gnome

Avalanche BitTorrent Downloader for Gnome is a BitTorrent download client written in Python which wraps a clean, useable GUI around the standard BitTorrent distribution. Take me there »

BitTorrent Property Page for Nautilus

A Property Page for Gnome's Nautilus File Manager written in Python which displays the information contained in BitTorrent 'metainfo' files, right this way »

Style Sheet Switcher

Looking for information about the style sheet switching javascript snippet that just rocks my world? Look no further »

What's New

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2006-04-25 rbNarcissus v0.2

rbNarcissus has been updated to fix a whole load of parsing errors and should now be fairly robust. I have also included an example script which will parse a file and optionally print a list of the functions in the file or the source of a named function from the file. The next stage will be to create a run time!

2005-12-22 JsBot

As with last year, the Christmas break rolls around and so I have a little time with which to play. This time I bring you JsBot.

2005-08-04 rbNarcissus

Being young and trendy it became time for me to learn a bit of Ruby. The result, a port of the Narcissus JavaScript parser into the Ruby language. I present to you rbNarcissus.

2004-12-27 Avalanche

A flurry of activity around Christmas! I'm unleashing Avalanche, a little GUI wrapper to make BitTorrent look sexy on the Gnome desktop.